Crown Cap

The role of caps and closure is to seal and preserve the product inside each bottle. Pakistan Synthetics Limited (PSL) provides bottlers capping solutions that provide secure sealing, safe opening, consistent and consumer friendly removal torques, effective tamper evidence and application optimization. PSL understands how important excellent application performance and line efficiency are for bottlers. The caps by PSL reflect the bottler’s individual brand identity; we have a wide range of colors and offer customized printing while fully maintaining product integrity and safety.

Crown Caps

At the facility itself, the fully automated production lines whizz by producing 250 Millions crowns per month of metal crowns.  PSLCaps is the single largest closures and crowns manufacturing facility in Pakistan today with ample space to further expand in the future.

Further, we can explore and further facilitate, by offering combine deliveries of Caps + Preforms, as and when needed, again offering unique value added support to directly minimize inventory & freight costs.

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