Closure Cap

Plastic caps are produced on Compression Molding machines, selected with Sacmi of Italy, the world leaders in technology. Bottlers key requirement is to maintain carbonation, being sealed throughout the storage period, which requires excellent sealing properties. The most popular and widely-used cap design is selected to ensure smooth adaptation for the bottle’s 28mm neck. Tamperevident and liner seal designs ensure that pressure is maintained, as desired, till the caps pry off the neck.

At the facility itself, the fully automated production lines whizz by producing 250 million closures per/month. With these capacities, PSLCaps is the single largest closures and crowns manufacturing facility in Pakistan today with ample space to further expand in the future..

1PC    1PC    2PC   2PC 1PC      
1881 1881 1881 1810 1881
CSD Water CSD CSD Hot Fill

Further, we can explore and further facilitate, by offering combine deliveries of Caps + Preforms, as and when needed, again offering unique value added support to directly minimize inventory & freight costs.

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